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Craig Mason

Hi - I've been photographing professionally since 1997, but took up photography as a hobby in 1983. At this early stage in front of my lens were Rally Cars and Landscapes. This quickly turned to aerial photography and so things developed. Working as a Real Estate Agent in Forster in a family business took a turn for the better in 1997, as my father retired and East Coast Photography was born.

Some key mentors (Jerry Ghionis, Yervant Zanazanian, Robyn Hills for weddings and Ken Duncan, Nick Rains and Peter Eastway for Landscape and Business) in the early years set the stage for East Coast Photography quickly becoming the benchmark in photography on the Mid North Coast. In 2002 I joined the AIPP and in 2004 took out my first Silver Award in the hotly contended Wedding Category. During the next 13 years I have achieved awards both Nationally and Internationally for Wedding and Landscape each and every year. Highlights being 3rd in World for Wedding Photography, 3rd in world for Underwater Photography and placed in the top 100 Landscape photographers world wide.

Budding photographers would like to know about gear, During the first 17 years of professional life I was a devoted Canon user, switching to Fuji was a breath of fresh air for me, bringing back what a real camera should feel like with an exceptionally high standard of lenses. Thank you FujiFilm for the XT range of cameras, they are amazing.

My spare time is taken up with Family, at the Beach or on the Tennis Court, or just chilling with friends.

Thanks for being here ~ Craig...

Craig Mason


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Mirror like Wallis Lake.
📷 fuji xt2 👁 fuji 18-55mm
  • Part of the glorious Manning Valley lies some hidden treasures. 📷 fuji xt2
👁 Samyang 12mm f2
#samyang #fujifilmx_au #samyangoptics
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  • In the shadow of the earth.  Crisp winters day's and cloud free sunsets. 📷 fuji xt2 👁 fuji 35mm f1.4
👓 f16
⏲ 1.5sec
  • Playing around with extension tubes, cactus flowers and led lighting on weekend.
📷 fuji xt2 👓 35mm f2.4 plus 16mm extension tube
  • The days are getting longer.... crisp evening ahead.
📷 samsung note 8