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  • Our second batch of calendars arrived today, woohoo.... This edition is a little special, it's our 10th anniversary edition. One dozen of my favourites and best selling images to enjoy for the next twelve months. Hitting the local newsagencies tomorrow for just $15-
  • One for the wave. 7 mile, south Forster. πŸ“· fuji xt1 πŸ‘ fuji 18-135mm 🚁 Airbourne
  • Just another magic day in Forster Tuncurry today, could not resist grabbing this photo today at driving over the bridge and looking at that crystal clear Wallis Lake water. πŸ“· dji p4p
  • Only a short walk from the main carpark at the Promise Land, Glennifer NSW. Such a beautiful stretch of river. πŸ“· fuji xt2 πŸ‘ fuji 10-24mm πŸ‘– benro carbon fiber tripod πŸ‘Ÿ keen gypsum walking boots
  • It's looking great out on the lake today, don't leave it for the birds to enjoy, get out and see for yourself. πŸ“· fuji xt2 πŸ‘ fuji 50-140 f2.8
  • Yay its the weekend.... how about a trip through our wonderful hinterland like Gloucester Tops.
  • Smoke and Mirrors πŸ“· fuji xt1 πŸ‘ fuji 56mm f1.2
  • Ok Saturday was HOT, damm hot, and so too were these guys. Congratulations to Brooke and Marcel. Sneak peak, more to come.
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